Irish art punks Silverbacks delve into themes of false idolatry and deeper connection in their latest track. Produced by Daniel Fox from fellow Dubliners Girl Band, ‘Just In The Band’ carries the same nagging unease as previous single ‘Dunkirk’ with taut drums and unrelenting bass underpinning seasick guitar arps and Daniel O’Kelly’s blunt commentary on the ‘problems down the back’. Feedback soaked and frazzled, it sees the band step further away from their indie roots and more into the groove – if the groove covered itself in petrol and dared you to light the match.
Silverbacks are a thrilling prospect, delivering their own louche take on NYC-indebted rock: slack enough for the tastemakers while also mining the gems of a pop vein, catching the ears of those with a taste for a good hook. Now a full-fledged five piece after graduating from the bedroom project of songwriting brothers Kilian and Daniel O’Kelly, they ply their trade with as much emphasis on the dry humour running through Daniel’s lyrics as the propulsive, triple guitar-led onslaught in their music.

Upcoming headline show: (Be sure to catch it if you can!)

December 8th: Whelans, Dublin



The video for previous single ‘Dunkirk’ was created by Cameron Taylor, a childhood friend of the band’s brothers Kilian and Daniel O’Kelly, who has done all of Silverbacks’ artwork to date, and is “an important part of [their] direction.” His video for ‘Dunkirk’ delves into their shared past: “The last scene in the music video features a typically grey and flat Flanders landscape where the three of us grew up. The estates in which we lived were once battlefields in the First and Second World War which isn’t too far off the idea of a beach resort in Dunkirk.”




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