Skittish’s latest offering, ‘Midwest Handshake’, is an enchanting journey through time and emotion. With ten tracks of pure musical bliss, this album is an instant classic that will undoubtedly stand the test of time.

Opening with ‘Home Team’, Skittish immediately sets the bar high with driving drums and a rapid-paced instrumental section that grabs our attention. The vocals add an angelic quality to the mix, creating an unforgettable first impression.

‘Are We There Yet’, a standout track five songs in, exudes a calm and relaxed aura that gradually intensifies, overflowing with palpable passion. Each note and lyric is delivered with precision, leaving a lasting imprint on us.

As the album gracefully concludes with ‘Come Around’, the piano takes center stage, leading the track with a ballad-esque movement. The lyrics resonate deeply, leaving us yearning for more long after the final note fades.

‘Midwest Handshake’ encapsulates the essence of timeless themes, from social division to love, wrapped in a nostalgic musical tapestry. Skittish’s infusion of retro sounds and orchestral elements adds a unique dimension to this folk-rock gem.

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Becky Anderson