Slipknot frontman Corey Taylor has had a long-standing feud with Kanye West. Often, calling him out in interviews, Corey has never publicly been hugely fond of the ‘Stronger’ rapper. But, he has now raised concerns over the hit rappers mental health.

Furthermore, Corey said: “Seeing this behaviour now, that worries me. That’s not the normal behaviour of someone who. that seems like someone who’s having a mental break, being honest. When you exacerbate it with fame and money and all of these different things, people have a right to be concerned. He’s got a family; he’s got people who care about him and worry about him.”

He continued: “It’s one thing to laugh about it from afar; it’s another thing to watch a breakdown happening in real-time, especially with someone who is loved by so many people, and a lot of his actions are taken very seriously. I just hope that he gets the help that he needs.”


This new revelation comes after a meltdown on Twitter with Kanye accusing his wife Kim Kardashian of trying to section him. Also, he even wrote about a potential divorce. As you would expect, this brought outrage in the Kardashian camp, and Kim was left distraught by her husbands claims. Since then, there have been numerous reports that they may be on the verge of a breakup. Also, Kanye has been spending time away from Kim for quite a few weeks with them both only coming together to hold crisis talks.

Also, Kim wants Kanye to seek support, and it appears she is not the only one. So do you think Corey from Slipknot is accurate? Do you think that Kanye needs to find further support to help him at this time? Let us know by commenting on our social media accounts. We love to hear your feedback.

George Millington