After few hints on social media, Jimmy Chamberlin drummer of Smashing Pumpkins officially confirmed the band are back in the studio with a brand new album to record with Def Jam founder Rick Rubin. This came after a few hints set out in previous social media posts by the band.

This isn’t the first time the band had first worked with Rubin. In 1997 Rubin produced Pumpkins “Adore” sessions, likewise to its reissue in 2014. Later 2017, Rubin returned to the studio with Pumpkins front man Billy Corgan for his solo album Ogilala

Chambers was not the only to confirm the news but in fact this past weekend, Corgan took to Instagram to share the happy news with his fans after a sceptical post saying “Making peace with god” this time however, Corgan reached out to say he was doing well and is back in business and ready for work.

Rubin is a cross genre producer who has worked with multiple of musicians throughout the years. The 8 times Grammy winner work includes producing the likes of Johnny Cash Foo Fighters, LL Cool J among others.

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