Since the release of Snail Mail’s critically acclaimed debut LP ‘Lush’, life has been pretty hectic for Lindsey Jordan. Following recent appearances at Primavera, Best Kept Secret Festival and All Points East, her project Snail Mail is now embarking on another European tour. She will then follow this with a stint on the road back in the US. It’s an incredibly demanding schedule, especially for someone who has not yet turned 20. However, Lindsey has taken this momentum in her stride and she dazzled the sold out Gorilla in Manchester.

Snail Mail

The band made their way on to the stage as the darkness lifted inside Gorilla. They began building anticipation with a frantic opening jam as the room warmed up. Then the unique opening riff to ‘Heatwave’ was heard, and met with loud exuberance from the crowd.

Amidst the swirling shoegaze influenced guitar tones, Lindsey’s ability to combine dream-pop instrumentals with emotionally sincere lyrics became evident. Lines like “Tell me that I’m the only one” broke through the noise and tore through the crowd’s heartstrings.


After this was a throw back to Snail Mail’s 2016 EP ‘Habit’ with ‘Dirt’ and ‘Slug’. This EP laid the foundations for the transcending sounds of ‘Lush’ and this was evident with Lindsey’s virtuosic guitar lines and the band’s driving rhythms on ‘Slug’ capturing the crowd at Gorilla.

Golden Dream

There was no let up as Snail Mail ripped straight into ‘Golden Dream’. It sounded even more stirring than the studio recording with the crowd joining Lindsey in its agonisingly tender chorus.

One of the loudest cheers of the night was for Thinning’, one of her first commercial successes. The fuzzy teenage anthem found inspiration from an unusual combination of bronchitis and lovesickness, and the ode to staying in bed remains a firm fan favourite to this day.

The band returned to more tracks from ‘Lush’ and remained on fine form. They offered a variety of musical textures and moments including the sorrowful vocals of ‘Speaking Terms’, the delicately finger-picked guitar lines of ‘Let’s Find an Out’ and the powerful noise of ‘Full Control’.


A highlight of the night was their performance of ‘Pristine’, the first single released from Snail Mail’s ‘Lush’. Lindsey powered through aching lines like “I know myself and I’ll never love anyone else” as the crowd joined her in this defiantly driving anthem of heart-break and unrequited love.

Following a tender rendition of ‘Deep Sea’, those present were treated to an unexpected solo performance of ‘Stick’. It was a beautifully intimate moment and you could feel hairs rise on every neck present as Lindsey soared through the devastatingly desperate chorus. When she reached the abrupt end line of “Even when it doesn’t make sense”, the room filled with emotional applause. It wasn’t hard to spot plenty of tears throughout the crowd too when the lights rose.

Lindsey Jordan has been described as a leader in the next generation of indie-rock. Based on this night, it’s fair to say she is transcending into this role with ease. Her tour with Snail Mail will then roll on leaving more people in awe of her musically genius and emotionally captivating sound.

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