The Netflix hit “Stranger Things” blended inspirations from anime. (Most notably ‘Elfen Lied.’) And iconic 80’s horror and sci-fi productions into a fresh and innovative TV smash. Explicit references were made to ‘The Thing.’ (Whose poster appears in Will’s bedroom.) E.T and the Goonies. The soundtrack mirrored these inspirations to a T. Also paid homage to influential artists and composers from the same period. The men behind the soundtrack. – Keith Dixon and Michael Stein of synthwave the outfit,  S U R V I V E. The act have put out a handful of releases since their debut in 2011. Featuring similarly ambient, atmospheric and often eerie synth tones. That are combined with a retro yet futuristic aesthetic.

Soundtrack Inspirations

Much like the rest of their discography, S U R V I V E’s soundtrack. Hints toward ambient/ electronic music icons such as Jean-Michel Jarre. Tangerine Dream and celebrated composer John Carpenter. In tandem with the series, the soundtrack’s real feat lies in its ability to simultaneously reference the past. As well as look to the future. The foreshadowing, tense vibes compliment the visuals perfectly and. Helped to create the critically acclaimed series that is ‘Stranger Things’.

July 14th will see the release of the ‘Stranger Things’ vinyl box set. Including volumes 1 and 2 of the original score. With this collector’s item release. The critical acclaim, and the renewing of the series for a second season. Also ‘Stranger Things’ set to become a modern cult classic?

Stein and Dixon have been commissioned to score this much-anticipated. Second season and are poised to produce another stellar soundtrack. S U R V I V E are also set to appear at Field Day music festival in Victoria Park. In London this summer. Although the iconic opening theme is sure to capture the crowd’s attention. How the outfit’s ambient and dreamlike atmosphere. This will translate to a festival setting remains to be seen. One suspects with plenty of bass and ‘Stranger Things’ compositions.

Rehman Manji Music News
Rehman Manji Music News
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