Alternative rockers, The Super Pumas, have released their huge new single, ‘Circles Roaming’, the first song from their soon to be released debut album, and it lives up to every expectation fans will have of the massively talented trio.

The Super Pumas are a three-pieced alternative rock band from Inverclyde, Scotland. The band have been racking up the gigs since they formed and released their debut EP almost three years ago and now they’re back with a belter of a track meant to get your blood pumping.  Their sound ranges from sparkling indie rock, to grungy modern punk and this is a fantastic demonstration of that unique versatility and its clear their inhabits a wide range.   

‘Circles Roaming’ starts with a mellow, melodic verse with spacious drums and luscious clean guitars, before hitting the listener hard with huge, driven riffs and an anthemic chorus.   With its soaring lead vocals and a ‘wall of sound’ style of production, it’s the sort of song that would work equally well in a small basement as it would on a huge and vast festival stage. Its rigorous with defiant rock tones and certainly well laid out to create a lovely loudness that bounces out nicely.  There are solid chord structures to find your way in and plenty to move you.

Bands like The Super Pumas don’t come around often and with this latest release they will surely make a name for themselves as we head into the last months of the year.  If you love alternative, indie guitar-based music, be sure to give ‘Circles Roaming’ a listen and get ready for a smashing debut album, you won’t regret it.


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George Millington