Coronavirus is an absolute nightmare! It is causing havoc everywhere, and the music industry, including Swifty, is now taking action to prevent it from spreading further.

Furthermore, Swifty was due to headline at Capital One’s JamFest in April. However, the Atlanta festival will not be going ahead due to fears of coronavirus spreading. But, this is not the first concert which the growing pandemic disrupted. SXSW also had to close its doors, and we are expecting a lot more shows to get the boot too.

Right Decision

Although fans will be frustrated that it is not going ahead, it is the right decision in my opinion. The risk to public health is not worth it. Not even to see your favourite artist perform. Because of all these events can be rescheduled, and it makes far more sense to wait a bit longer than to contract the deadly illness.

Moreover, with summer festival season approaching fast, there has been a lot of doubt cast at the likelihood of the major festivals going ahead. I do think they will. Well, that is if the coronavirus keeps spreading at its most recent alarming rates. After all, 200 thousand people all congregating at Glastonbury is most likely the worst possible idea in a pandemic.

Nevertheless, there will be a financial impact on the music industry and artists. Therefore, it is a tricky time for everybody. How long can the music industry last without live performance revenue? Only time will tell, but with it being one of the sole incomes for many artists, the worst is still yet to come.

What are your thoughts on the coronavirus outbreak? Do you think more live shows and festivals will not go ahead because of the risk to public health? Have your say by leaving a comment below.

George Millington