Swifty has just shared a new song from her upcoming album. The track is called ‘You Need To Calm Down’ and it is already sending Swifties into a frenzy.

“You Need to Calm Down” comes two months after Taylor’s release with Brendon Urie.

You can listen to the new song below.

However, some fans have been quick to point out its similarities with M.I.A’s hit song ‘Paper Planes’ from 2007.

Furthermore, one Youtube user wrote “Who else expected to hear ‘I fly like paper, get high like planes’ after the first 10 seconds??”

Another wrote “sounds like Paper Planes”?

Take a listen to M.I.A – Paper Planes below.

Users have also started commenting on Paper Planes, one wrote “OH my God, she totally just ripped off her future Taylor Swi– wait”

George Millington