Taylor Swift is undeniably one of the most clever pop stars of recent times. She gets better with each release and is a global force in the music industry. Although, many will argue that she could have done more to prevent her backlog from being snatched up by Justin Bieber’s manager Scooter Braun.

The revelation of Scooter purchasing the rights to her discography caused a stir amongst Swifty camp. Taylor herself claims it is wrong, and that Scooter is a bully in the music world. Sadly for Taylor, it means that Scooter earns money from her old tracks. This does not sit right with the ‘Love Story’ singer.

Once the news hit, many celebrities and other musicians spoke out in support of Taylor. Singers also had an excellent idea for her to have the last laugh. Furthermore, they have been recommending that she rerecords all of the songs. It is a method, which will ensure Taylor takes up the revenue and prevents any other third party from grabbing a bit of the cake. As a result, Swifty will be able to licence her tracks out to films and TV shows without Scooter getting a single penny.


Taylor has taken the advice and is forming a new band to rerecord all of her old songs. The ironic part of it all though, and bizarre is that Taylor will actually be covering the songs. Even though she was the writer in the first place. But, it means that she does not have to seek permission from the owner of the tracks, which is now Scooter. It is definitely going to hit the music manager. Especially since it cost him $330 million to purchase Big Machine, which is the owner of Taylor’s previous tracks.

Wow, what a crafty decision by Taylor. I doubt many can argue with her choice.

George Millington