Taylor Swift has just dropped a new track ‘Lover’ taken from her new album.

‘Lover’ follows ‘Me’, ‘You Need To Calm Down’ And ‘The Archer’. All of the tracks are taken from Swifties seventh studio album which is to be released next week.

Fancy taking a listen? Here it is.

From first listen, I can definitely feel old Taylor coming out of the woodwork. She has taken a romantic direction with this track and it certainly pulls on the heart strings.

Overall, I cannot get enough of this track and Swifty has delivered an eye opener here that is for sure.

Also, from the reaction of fans, it is clear to see that we are all a ‘LOVER’ of this hit.


The Fans Have Spoken

One fan wrote “The Perfect Song To Slowly Dance In Your Room Bringing Back Sweet Memories Taylor, You Did It Baby!!! This New Era Is Amazing?”

Another said “Now I know why I’m crying She led us through hundreds times heartbroken with her song since she was a girl . She shares pain and joy with us. Raised and grown for every struggle. Listening to this song ,it can tell now she finally got what she deserved”

Also “Omg! Didn’t expect this at all, goosebumps! So raw & emotional I loved it! Way to go Taylor, you’re worth everything because you bring true music back to life! Can’t wait for the album”

According to reports, Swifty will be performing at MTV Video Music Awards on 26th August. As a result, this will be the first time Taylor makes a television appearance following the release of the new album. Therefore, expect to hear these bangers.

What are your thoughts on Swifties new single ‘Lover’?

As always, we love to hear from you. Therefore, leave a comment below and lets discuss Taylors new music.




George Millington