Mancunian legends The 1975 have shared a new video for Love It If We Made It, the latest single on their upcoming album and it is pretty sick. The ‘vertical’ video was released exclusively on Spotify on Friday, along with teaser snippets on the band’s Instagram account. Opting for an aesthetically amped up lyric video, band members Matt Healy, Adam Hann, Ross MacDonald and George Daniel are featured as bright multi-coloured silhouettes who, in typical Healy fashion, dramatically stomp and grind as they play the track. With bold overhead lyrics throughout the video, the song’s anthemic quality is seriously hyped up. Colourful and energetic, the video gives fans a taster of what it’s like to see the band on tour: pretty visuals and high-energy, it’s got us hair-flipping and mic- (okay hairbrush) grabbing in our bedrooms.

Love It If We Made It premiered on Beats 1 as Zane Lowe’s “Hottest Record In the World” and has been part of a super cool, (super confusing) marketing tactic for their new album, A Brief Inquiry into Online Relationships. The album looks to critique the influence of technology on contemporary society and we’re definitely marching to the pulsating beat of their drum. The frustrated and exaggerated gestures of the outfit convey the emotive energy channelled into the band’s message, “Modernity has failed us”, directed towards a Trump ruling, Black Mirror approaching world. Rife with references to racism, pop culture and the shitshow of politics it really packs a punch. Don’t worry though it’s not all doom and gloom, as the kick ass buzziness suggests we can flip it around. The video from the indie-pop heroes has made us even more eager to hear their next track TOOTIMETOOTIMETOOTIME, expected to drop later today. Going by Love It If We Made It and its predecessor Give Yourself A Try, it’ll be another absolute banger.



Words by: Molly Bergara

George Millington