Ladies and gentlemen, lovers of Southern rock, please say hi to Marcus King, Jack Ryan, Stephen Campbell, Justin Johnson, Dean Mitchell and Deshawn Alexander whom together make The Marcus King band. The American rockers have released their new single ‘Where I’m Headed’.

The band has already been described as one of the country’s most sought-after live acts and it isn’t hard to see why. The Marcus King Band, who have been making their own type of music for nearly a decade, led by front-man Marcus King have been steadily gaining a massive following.

The new single is completely flawless and is definitely one for the playlist. When you listen to the record itself it sounds like it’s something from the 60’s/70’s psychedelic rock era combined with nowadays rock and yet still sounds fresh. New single ‘Where I’m Headed’ is from their new album Carolina Confessions and if the rest of the album is anything near as good as the song, that’s even better.

‘Where I’m Headed’ can only be described as a power-house of a song and Marcus’s vocal talent is completely invigorating and carries pure, raw emotion. This man’s vocal ability and prowess is equal to that of singers Sir Tom Jones, Joe Cocker and Freddie Mercury, and those guys could definitely hit the high note.

Now, there are two videos accompanying video to the song; the first is more of a teaser which consists of behind the scenes along with footage from live performances mixed in with some black-and-white photo stills; the other is a near 5-minute reel shot of photos, maps and written letters which give the song and video a sort of nostalgic feel. Check both of them out and see which you prefer.

If this is what the American South has got to offer then I can’t wait to see what else they have got to show us. Everyone, keep your eyes and ears tuned for The Marcus King Band, these guys are heading for big things over the coming months.

Everybody, watch this space!

George Millington