The Neighbourhood can do no wrong in my eyes. The rock group who hail from California fly high with each new release they drop and this latest gem ‘Devil’s Advocate’ ticks all the boxes, once again.

It is a track which takes us deeper into the world of the alternative band. The Neighbourhood unleash their signature sound with confidence, and it carries us on a journey which is unforgettable with catchy melodies and a rhythm which will knock your socks off!

‘Devil’s Advocate’ kicks off with a funky drum rhythm tapping away instantly, and it drives the track forward. A combination of sounds then appear with a synth melody echoing around the track with delight.
Also, being a guitar player myself, I always find it refreshing to hear the guitar taking a new angle and the guitar lead here sounds fresher than a bag of recently picked apples. It is brazen with its distorted texture, and it pulls us in with pure conviction.

Jesse Rutherford

The vocals are charismatic with them gliding their way through the mix with angelic quality. They bring an energy which is challenging not to savour. Speaking about the track, frontman, Jesse Rutherford says: “It’s about getting back to being a simple man rather than trying to chase a designer brand. I’m attracted to designer stuff, diamonds, and the good life, but there’s nothing like finding greatness in the simple things.”

Overall, it is a track which stands out genuinely on its own. It has just about something for everybody with a rock fundamental. But also a hip-hop influence too with a vocal which grips instantly. You can take a listen to ‘Devil’s Advocate’ below. Also, be sure to let us know your thoughts to the new track by commenting on our social media accounts. We love to hear your thoughts.

Emily Harris