UKF, an abbreviation for United Kingdom Frome. (His hometown in Somerset) was born. Move forward to the present day. And Hood’s pet project is now a well-known brand, label and live music event.

One of many success stories with their roots in YouTube. The key to their growth lay in providing a platform for big names. In dubstep during the genre’s peak in popularity in the years of 2008-2012. Consistent and varied uploads led UKF to have an almost permanent residence: on YouTube’s Trending page. The moment dubstep really took off was after several years of nurturing. On the London club circuit by the likes of Digital Mystikz, Plastician and Skream.

YouTube, still in its early days was able to take the genre to the next level. And most importantly, abroad. In response, a distinctive style of dubstep production. From US and Canadian producers like Skrillex, Datsik and Bassnectar. Blasted the music into the mainstream. They were at the centre of this growth. Adapting to the changes and developments in bass music. The upload history of the Dubstep channel tells this story.

Present Day UKF

UKF became a music label in 2010. Debuting with a 16 track compilation of that year’s biggest hits for the channel. This has become an annual release. Expanding to bass house and drum and bass compilations. In 2012 AEI Media, a company involved with other UK electronic music labels. (Get Darker, Inspected, Drum and Bass Arena), bought half of UKF. With Hood remaining as director. UKF now has constant livestream. YouTube radio playlists and continues to push its sound at festivals and events around the world.

Hood’s UKF brand is just one example of how the music industry has changed. From a monopoly of a few record companies to a virtual free-for-all. Where passion, social media expertise and opportunism are the currency of the realm. Naysayers say that the digital age has hurt the wallets of both artists and labels. But there’s no doubt that the rise of the internet has transformed both music. And the way we listen to it forever. It’s never been a better time for music.


Joseph Matthews
Joseph Matthews
George Millington