‘Thomas Atlas’ by Thomas Atlas – Album Rating: 5/5 ★★★★★

Thomas Atlas provides the goods with his new self-titled funk album.

Thomas Atlas Album
Album Cover: Thomas Atlas

We have admired Thomas‘ approach to music for some time. As expected, he does not disappoint us here with this fresh collection of funk, blues and soul.

His new album, which is due out on the 30th of April, grips from the start with ‘Got This Feeling‘ sending the funk vibes through the roof. It is contagiously catchy, and, also for the right reasons, it leads the groove train to 9 other treasures.

Juice‘, which is the third track on the record, brings a whole new lease of life. Additionally, the colourful direction proves to be the perfect summer hit, with the GSGM camp swaying their hips as soon as it got underway.

Compelling Vocal

Thomas unleashes a compelling vocal on each track, but he stands out like the proverbial thumb on ‘Turn Up The Heat‘. He has a voice that burns through the speakers, also he delves deep into his vocal register, rising to the top with a mixture of exquisite low tones and high bars; for good measure.

Give It To Me‘ showcases the drummer’s top-quality skill, with irregular beats also accompanied by groovy basslines. Also, a wah-wah guitar effect brings a new frame to the soundscape. Likewise, the sax gets into gear with a smoky aura which eases through the mix with seamless flavour.

On ‘Paradise Circus‘, Thomas cools down the groove slightly ahead of the anthemic ‘Groove 101‘, which gets the foot tapping on a new level. The album concludes with ‘Healer‘ with Thomas leaking raw emotion. Also, the bluesy guitar rhythm leaves us itching to hit replay.

Full Track Listing

1 – Got This Feeling
2 – Halfway To The Moon 3 – Juice
4 – Lost Art
5 – Turn Up The Heat
6 – Give It To Me
7 – Paradise Circus
8 – Groove 101
9 – The Way It Is
10 – Healer

Thomas Atlas‘ by Thomas Atlas is out on the 30th of April. You can pre-order the vinyl by clicking here. Also, you can check out the album preview below.

Colby Morrel