Twenty One Pilots unleash their festive release, ‘Christmas Saves The Year‘, and they hit the mince pie on the head with lyrics which we can all relate to given the year we have just had.

It all kicks off with a gentle overture with a thumpy bass riff leaping out with vigorous quality. A festive sound effect then soon rises to the top of the mix before a sublime vocal performance from frontman, Tyler Joseph.


Speaking with candid nature, Tyler sings about the harsh truths of the covid-period, ‘Plans are thrown to the wayside’. He also reiterates that we all want to make it home this year. Indeed, accurate given the Government restrictions which are in place for the festive period.

Musically, ‘Christmas Saves The Year‘ stays unique for the entirety. Furthermore, Twenty One Pilots push their signature qualities even more in-depth, and they also unleash new sounds which add potency to their already mighty sound.

As the track progresses, Tyler sings about cheap decor, which is starting to appear in households around the globe. Also, they sing through a nostalgic lens, often looking back at their youth. For me, I relish the realness of their delivery. It is relatable, and the best Christmas tracks follow a similar pattern. As a result, it would not surprise me to hear this one still ringing out in years to come.

So, is this the festive gem we have been craving? It certainly is for me. It has a feel-good rhythm, and despite the bold lyrics on display, it still fills us with warmth and pushes us to the festive period with memorable cheer.

You can take a listen to ‘Christmas Saves The Year‘ by Twenty One Pilots below. Also, be sure to let us know your thoughts to this fresh release by commenting on our social media accounts. We love to hear your feedback.

Emily Harris