Usher keeps ‘messing up his love life’. But the only thing to blame is his bad habits. Well, that is according to his new single anyhow.

‘Bad Habits’ is the latest release from the global pop sensation. It is a poised release from the 41-year-old. Furthermore, Usher brings his signature quality back to the forefront of popular music with a heartfelt delivery which will have you gripped.

Anyone who fell in love with Usher’s early sound will relish this one. He brings a nostalgic feel, and if you compare it to his first releases, you will probably not find too much difference. However, it is exhilarating that Usher keeps pushing through the industry noise with a sound which he performs so well in a unique style.

Vocal Force

The track kicks off with an intro lead which sounds very similar to ‘Mirrors’ by Justin Timberlake. Nevertheless, Usher soon takes us down his own distinct path with his vocals greeting us with open arms. Vocally, Usher is a force which is difficult to hold back. He pushes through the track with conviction, and his emotion drips from his voice.

As you would expect from Usher, he provides a smooth performance with him leaving no room for ambiguity. Furthermore, his message is piercing, and his integral approach to songwriting is impressive. Also, musically his new track excites. It boasts a catchy rhythm structure which will get you tapping along from the get-go. Additionally, a thumping bass line jumps out of the speaker with a mesmerising quality.

Towards the latter, the release takes a new pathway which makes Usher stand out like a beaming light. The closing bridge is upfront, and the singer proves why he is one of the worlds greatest vocalists.

You can take a listen to ‘Bad Habits’ by Usher below. Also, be sure to let us know your thoughts to his latest track by commenting on our social media accounts.

Emily Harris