Usher, the R&B singer, has been somewhat quiet of late, with his last album released six years ago. That is about to change, though, with the announcement of a new album on the way very soon.

In a recent interview, Usher said: “By the time we are live in July, you will have heard new music. My plan is to get back to servicing music the way that we did before.”

“In COVID, while we have been in quarantine, my ideas changed. I actually learned new things. I was able to really be reflective and find out what things matter and really have some true, honest, deep conversations with people and myself, to take some ownership of some of where my life has gone and some of the things that I’ve come through. It is honest.”

“I’m going to release an album this year, hopefully, but now it’s just a matter of the timing, and what the name of the album is and all of that.”

George Millington