In an effort to end sexual harassment and misogyny in the Australian music industry, an open letter has been signed by over 300 women working in and around music.

“We are not whingers or vibe-killers,” the piece explains. “We are passionate people dedicating our lives to music. In the face of uncountable discrimination, harassment, violence, and the general menace of sexist jargon, we have gritted our teeth and gotten on with the job. But today we say, no more.”

It goes on to add, “Together, we give a voice to these issues and demand zero tolerance for sexual harassment, violence, objectification and sexist behaviours. There is no place for sexual entitlement in the workplace and in our industry. Change starts today.”

The letter includes stories from artists, managers, label employees and others telling of sexism in their workplace. The movement has been bolstered through social media via the #meNOmore hashtag. High profile artists such as The Veronicas and Courtney Barnett have signed the letter, along with their own solemn tales to tell.

The letter was inspired by a similar one of its kind, based in Sweden. This was signed by the likes of Robyn, Zara Larsson and Tove Lo. Placing the Swedish letter in very high regard, the Aussie campaign wrote, “In its honesty and precision, it relays an experience which is so often hard to pinpoint or qualify.”

The #meNOmore campaign followed a slew of reports of sexual harassment from movie producer Harvey Weinstein. This outrageous impropriety prompted the #MeToo hashtag, which was echoed by stars Cara Delevingne, Lupita Nyong’o and Rose McGowan.

Let’s hope that with the growing number of people stepping forward to decry this abysmal behaviour, the number of incidents also, in correlation, decrease.

Written by PJ Kimber

George Millington