Edinburgh indie rock band Vistas arrived at Social in Hull on the next stop of the UK tour. Following two albums of sun-soaked festival ready anthem that elevated them to British indie mainstays, 2023’s Vistas have shown an evolution in their sound with their latest EP ‘The Beautiful Nothing’. They did not sacrifice their trademark catchy melodies and warm soundscapes. But they have shown that they can express also a more mature and well-rounded sound.

Matthew Hall

Up first was fellow Scotsman, Matthew Hall. Taking influence from fellow Gen Z singer-songwriters such as Lizzy McAlpine and Gracie Abrams. The sensitivities of his vocal style and the heart-wrenching lyrics instantly grabbed the attention of the crowd. His latest single ‘Oslo’ includes a further depth of musical arrangement including synths. However, the stripped back live version gave even more attention to his impressive vocal ability.  It’s a big step up from TikTok covers artist to an established all round act, but it’s clear his young career will gain traction when more people witness his live performances.

One More Night With No One

Up next was what everyone was waiting for. The jangly synths and guitar lead lines may remain, but Vistas certainly have a thicker sounding edge to them now. This was shown on set opener ‘One More Night With No One’. You could almost hear the influence of Bloc Party’s ‘Flux’ in the frantic drums and arpeggiating synths. The more traditional Vistas sound then truly got the room moving with debut album favourites ‘Tigerblood’ and ‘Everything Changes in the End’.

Following ‘Dayglow’ and ‘The Love You Give’, they showed off their latest single ‘Last Together’. Following this was the groovy ‘Follow You Down’ which packs a punch with its massive sounding chorus.


In addition to tracks from their latest EP, the middle of the set returned to fan favourites from their albums, including ‘Start Again’, ‘What Were You Hoping to Find’, ‘Sentimental’ and ’15 Years’. Even at this point in the night, they displayed why they have become such festival regulars. A winning formula of chant-along riffs and anthemic choruses will win over any crowd, and those at Social were not immune from their charms.

The biggest cheer of the night so far arrived for the instantly recognisable opening riff to ‘Calm’. The early career single helped them on their way to success and brought the vintage Vistas summer atmosphere to Hull.


After a last visit to their latest EP with the more emotional ‘Back of the Car’, fans were treated to a knockout finish to the set. ‘Stranger’ is another of their songs that has an instantly recognisable opening. This built excitement leading up to the mass sing along of the chorus of ‘Holding on with both hands, you told me. I need you and I need you only. I was there for you. But you’d treat me like a stranger, treat me like a stranger’.

What do Vistas, Enter Shikari and Two Door Cinema Club have in common? Iconic hand claps of course. Closing out the set was ‘Retrospect’. It’s their most popular song for a reason, as it has everything you would want from an indie song. The crowd showed their appreciation by joining in for each of the irresistible hand claps.

Vistas are set for a busy 2023 which includes many more stops on their UK tour, and appearances at Kendal Calling, and Reading and Leeds Festival. It may not be summer yet, but Vistas triumphantly brought a sneak peek of the sound of festival fields to Hull.

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