Haunting piano, heart monitor-sounding synths moving into heavy guitar parts. This track begins in an unexpected way, with Tabor’s vocals swirling through effects. This brings with them a cascade of electronic percussion, driving the song forward. It’s a very ambitious and different track from the artist, who gathered a huge YouTube following of nearly 200k performing covers. She is setting out on a new project, releasing her own music. One particular favourite moment follows one of the ‘white noise’ lyrics, with a genius producer adding a brief dash of it themselves, never to be heard again. Very effective, albeit fleeting.

‘White Paint’, ‘White Sheets’, ‘White Teeth’, ‘Black Soul’. The lyrics are very poignant with their imagery, giving the listener an image of someone battling their inner demons. Stuck in a situation they can’t seem to remove themselves from. The effectiveness of the lyrics is bolstered by an incredible video, directed by Sean Willis and featuring Tabor herself. She is seen for the most part in front of a white wall with big open windows, perhaps symbolising that she sees a way out of her predicament but is unable to take it. She is trapped within the four walls of the room.


The production of the track is really what elevates it to new heights, giving the impression that this will not be the last we hear from Tabor. Produced by Los Angeles locals Samuel Duffey and Chris Jackson (as well as Tabor herself!), they put on a masterclass in production and arrangement. Everything is settled in a particular face for maximum effect. ‘White Paint on these Four Walls’ ends up sounding like almost a mantra in your head, an inescapable chant haunting your thoughts. It’s an incredible track for the artist, who has launched a Patreon to help fund her journey. Her YouTube channel is currently hosting the video, as well as a solo acoustic version of the song. In conclusion? Great track, rather new and interesting direction for Tabor. 

White Walls was released on May 12th 2017, and is currently available for streaming and digital download online.

Listen to it here:

Article by Matt Lott.

George Millington