From finding fame with foundations to starring in Netflix’s GLOW, we take a look at Kate Nash’s latest album, Yesterday was Forever.

It’s 11 years since Kate Nash hit us with indie-classic, ‘Foundations’ blunt lyrics and her effortless vocals are what set her apart from anyone else and even now, over a decade later, she still holds the same charm, if in a slightly more mature way.

We have seen her storm the charts with her weird and wonderful songs and more recently, starring as Britannica in Netflix’s GLOW, bringing her sassy London accent to the silver screen. (If you haven’t watched it, check it out) and now, she is back in the musical land…

Music for the people, funded by the people was the motto for this album; using a crowd funder to get it off the ground and god are we glad she did…

14 songs later and Yesterday Was Forever is an eclectic mix of catchy beats, quirky vocals and spoken word; Encompassing everything we’d expect her to bring to the table, plus a few surprises too.

‘Drink About You’ is the standout piece from the album, the sort of song you can both play on loop and have a little cry to whilst singing along – have a listen to it and then try and tell me you disagree…

‘Musical Theatre’ takes on a whole new style with spoken word, poetry and moody beats until vocals kick in half way through; totally eerie and utterly brilliant.

The album is everything we love about Kate Nash with even more lyrics to make you both giggle and sigh in agreement, plus punchy choruses you can wail along to in the car at the top of your lungs.

You can listen to the album on Apple Music, Spotify and other streaming platforms.

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