Emerging rock band 7he 7ouch (pronounced with a ‘T’ btw) have announced their upcoming debut EP Seventyseven, due on October 29th and set to pack a punch. If the fierceness of their summer single Solution is anything to go by, the new EP promises red hot energy propelled by a well-known frustration at the current political climate and the ideological tensions across the globe.

Hailing from different parts of the world, the boys have transformed their own cultural differences into a united celebration of rock. The newly released video for the track captures their hard-hitting sound and fiery passion, fusing traditional rock aesthetics with fresh melodies. The record cries out a call to action against political apathy, “Open your eyes/Time to open your eyes”.

After moving to London mid financial crisis, the band have had to overcome their own hurdles as they tried to craft their sound, which has ultimately resulted in their alternative rock vibe. Comprising of Constantine (vocals), Stelios (guitar), John (lead guitar), Anthony (bass) and Dave (drums), each of the outfit’s members brings a diverse range of influences to the table, from old school rock’n’roll to nu metal and their sweat-soaked new record screams attitude in full force. Recorded between studios in Athens and London, the six tracks feature mad guitar solos and fist-pumping anthems that’ll get the pulse racing.

Having made themselves known to London’s rock capital that is Camden Town, and playing a host of venues including Camden Assembly, Proud and Camden Rocks Festival just last year, the 7he 7ouch are the ones to watch and are ready to make their mark on 2018, with new music and more shows soon to be announced. Who cares about winter nights when there’s rock bangers to mosh to? October can’t come quick enough.


Words by: Molly Bergara

George Millington