Indie pop group GIVERS have released a new EP Movin’ On through their label Glassnote Records and we’re in love. Produced by the Grammy Award winning legend Dave Cobb, it’s no wonder this EP is a scorcher. What’s more, they’ve shared a live performance of the title track at the infamous jazz venue Preservation Hall in New Orleans, a high five to the band’s roots and to the improvisational energy of jazz which has influenced their music. The video captures their love of world music alongside the glorious harmonies of Taylor Guarisco and Tif Lamson who are a match made in vocal heaven.

Since the success of their 2011 album In Light, the band have transformed their youthful optimism into a mature acceptance of life’s unpredictability but their energetic buzz remains the same. Tunes for when you spill coffee on a clean shirt, lock yourself out of the house or after a disaster date, they’ll get you to shrug your shoulders, wiggle your hips and move on, as the video for their summer hit Collide light-heartedly demonstrates. These thirty-somethings are tackling life and love head on with a determined cheerfulness and the result is an EP packed with catchy, feel-good beats.

After playing a ton of world-class stages and major festivals, GIVERS are certainly deserved of our fuss. Featuring in Delta’s Artist Spotlight this month, a stop that for many has lead onto the path of becoming a chart topper, their infectious beats are sure to find a way into many hearts. Despite leaving the band’s smalltown origin of Lafayette in favour of the vibrancy of New Orleans, their music is as down-to-earth as ever and demands you to get up and dance, no matter what ups and downs come our way. Thanks to this EP, we’re ready for life to bring it.

Words by: Molly Bergara

George Millington