Californian rock group AFI return brazen as ever with their new release, ‘Dulcería‘. It is a track that even the sternest will agree is stupefying, and AFI prove why they are still rocking the scene 30 years on from when they first took the world by storm.

So what does Dulcería mean? Dulcería is Spanish for a sweet shop/ candy store. The overture lyrics reflect their winsome message, too, and Davey sings about ‘dancing in the sweet air’. But do not be fooled; it is not entirely as innocent as the opening wordplay indicates. Furthermore, the band soon get back to their gritty edge, even talking about ‘porn getting worse’ as it progresses.

The bass is fearless, and it takes centre stage in the opener, with the drum rhythm coherently hitting alongside its mouth-watering texture. For anyone who loves bass-rich tracks, this one is undoubtedly for you with bassist, Hunter Burgan getting the airtime he deserves!

Davey Havok

Vocally, Davey Havok is on top form with his colourful vocal flowing with confidence. His vocal tone is potent with him delving deep into his vocal tool kit; he rises to the top with omnipotence, and he leverages his theatrical skill with a hook that is infallible.

Structurally, Dulcería often takes new turns. Furthermore, it is unpredictable, and as you expect it to head one way, it leads in the complete other direction. The synth is stimulating with 80s nostalgia, and at times, they boast a vibe that is more expected from a band like ‘The Cure‘.

You can take a listen to ‘Dulcería‘ by AFI below. Also, be sure to let us know your thoughts on this new release by commenting beneath this article. As always, we love to hear your feedback. So do you think this is the best track yet from AFI?

Emily Harris