Confinement has upset the plans of each and every one of us. Affecting the less fortunate with health problems or wreaking havoc in the economic sphere and, of course, the roles and ways of working have also changed.

Alondra Galopa, before the state of alarm, was in full production work for her next record release, but this time the process stopped dead due to the group’s inability to reunite. In these weeks, the nucleus of the band formed by Mónica Navarro and Juan A. Salinas (who live together in the same residence) have continued to outline the new themes but have also disconnected from this task with other projects such as Alaud`X, their project as an experimental duo, editing an electronic session of more than sixteen minutes “Your world” accompanied by video lyric and already, like Alondra Galopa, they have adapted “Sound of Silence” by Simon & Garfunkel to Spanish and what They have taken to their dark pop terrain, with the essence of post rock and dark noise that characterizes some of their productions. This sonic wall contrasts with the beauty and harmony of Monica’s voice, who interprets with dream pop nuances the mythical cut included in the film “The Graduate”.

Written by Paul Simon in late 1963 and early 1964 in a concrete and personal situation but that can be extrapolated to many situations or experiences; the lack of communication, selfishness and self-absorption of people, where everyone seems to have something to say but where no one listens to anyone, becoming a timeless message, valid on too many occasions. A paradox that reflects the society in which we live, where it is easy to feel alone in the crowd, surrounded by noise and murmur without listening to anything else and without paying attention to what is important. Sometimes it is necessary to stop to observe, listen and perceive what surrounds us, pay attention to silence, perhaps we will find some answer in it.

Alondra Galopa endorses Simon’s message and gives us this “Sound of Silence” in 2020 and full confinement, hoping to show that, by screaming, we are not necessarily always heard.

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Colby Morrel