I first came across the new track from ‘Aquilo’ thanks to the official charts. I had never heard of this artist before, and I had no previous knowledge of who they were before listening to ‘Sober’.

The popularity of the release is increasing rapidly. I can see why. It is a catchy track, and it has a soothing melody which tugs on the heartstrings. Nevertheless, it is not the most original track I have heard. A lot of the record sounds like other tracks I have listened to from similar artists mingled into one. But it works because they have taken the best of their predecessors.


‘Sober’ starts with an exquisite sounding piano and beautifully performed vocal. The strange thing about the track for me is that it starts better than it gets. I wish it were just the piano and soothing vibe all the way through. I am not a massive admirer of the beat which they have chosen, and I do not think it adds anything to the track at all. It is almost like a gospel clap which fits like a square in a circle.

But do not get me wrong, I do not mind the song, and lots of people are getting behind it. But, I could only listen to it once or twice before getting bored. It is not a track you would play time and time again. Also, it is a surprise that the pair were once in rival rock bands. There is nothing rocky about this track, and it appears that they must have lost their rock edge somewhere down the line.

I am keeping a close eye on Aquilo. They have a lot of potential and talent. Vocally they are on point. I do not know if I am a fan of the direction they are taking with their music. It’s a little bit dull for me. Please keep them coming though boys!

George Millington