I have just got round to reviewing ‘You Should Be Sad’ by Halsey, and I have wanted to pen my thoughts to this track for some time. The release was the first in 2020 for Halsey. Mind you; it was in early January when it first came out, so she did not mess about waiting to get settled into the new year.

Plus, why blame her? The track is a complete smash hit! From the get-go, I could not help but feel the emotion pouring out of Halsey’s vocal. Lyrically, she reveals insight into an ex-relationship which turned sour.

The track follows a hugely successful year in 2019 for country-pop. I doubt many of you can forget Old Town Road? There is a massive demand for this type of music, and I say bring on more! For me, country and commercial pop fit like a glove, and there is no exception here with ‘You Should Be Sad’.

Vocal Performance

The track starts with a guitar player beautifully picking a soft-sounding guitar. We then witness an elegant vocal performance from Halsey who grabs us and does not let go. The track has so much variation which I love, especially the electric guitar which is dripping in overdrive.

I could go into the ins and outs of the track, but you have most likely heard it a thousand times already. Therefore, you probably already have an opinion on it. But, I could not help but fall in love with its unforgivably catchy chorus. That is the selling point for me here, and it manages to find its way to the forefront of my brain on many occasions with me often humming it. When this happens, I know I have to reach for my Spotify app.

This track will not be going into the back catalogues any time soon.

George Millington