New Jersey based rock band ASHES have released new single ‘Newborn Soul’ and it is everything you would envisage from the band who previously released ‘Day Dreams’ which went onto gain worldwide appreciation last year.

The track which has already racked up more than 100000 views on YouTube is going from strength to strength online as well as picking up lots of attention from radio producers and curators with many adding this into their playlists.

Lyrically ‘Newborn Soul’ is about accepting who you are and lead singer Chris Ferland delivers this with a strong and inviting vocal. The music is powerful and anthemic and is sure to make you want to hit the repeat button.

‘Newborn Soul’ is already causing waves in the U.S and it is expected to be a big hit in the U.K also as we head into 2018.

‘New Born Soul’ is available to stream on Spotify and Apple Music. It is also available for download on iTunes. For merchandise please visit

George Millington