ELTEL have released their debut single ‘Flutterby’ under 84 Records and it is as wonderfully quirky and perfectly executed as you would expect from the South London band.

ELTEL have been playing gigs in and around London since 2016 when Mark Duffield (Vocals) and Terry Crew (Guitar and Vocals) split from their previous band and began playing commercial songs in a different and obscure way. When they met their percussionist, Robbie Gordon, they began writing original music, which has been pleasing the crowds ever since.

Given the success that ELTEL have had in performing their originals, it is important that the feel of their live performances is well captured in the production of their music. ‘Flutterby’ executes this impeccably. Mark’s unique vocal delivery will grab your attention from the get go and the soft, soulful instrumentation will make you feel as though you’re really at an intimate gig.

‘Flutterby’ is a debut, which captures the weird and wonderful world of ELTEL perfectly and makes them one to watch in 2018.

George Millington