Bebe Rexha invigorates with her new release, ‘Sacrifice‘. It is a bold direction for Bebe, with her dance influences rising out instantly; also, fearless as ever, it will undoubtedly circulate the club scene post-lockdown.

It kicks off with a joyous summertime melody, and the hook delves deep instantly. Moreover, it starts with a flavour that could quickly become a 2021 classic. The music is refreshing, with a synth rising out and it fills the track with warmth. Also, the beat gradually builds up, and it drives forward with a flow that gets the hips jiving.

Vocally, Bebe is on flying form with her angelic tones gripping to the mix with ease. She compels with emotion, and although the story is relatively generic (instant attraction, most likely on the dancefloor), it still hits home with Bebe smashing through her message with relevancy.


Lyrically, Bebe is challenging the one she wants the most, and she requires them to put her first. She sings about wanting her lover to leave all the other girls behind. Selfish? Probably not; she just wants loyalty; who can blame her? Also, she puts them on the spot, asking them if they will sacrifice all different routes for their future together. This theme sums up the entire track, and the story unfolds as it progresses.

Towards the latter, Bebe switches up the structure with an ad-hoc vocal bridge. She proves her talent with a catchy hook which leaves an indent. Also, she makes for one of the most revitalising finales in modern pop.

You can take a listen to ‘Sacrifice‘ by Bebe Rexha below. Also, be sure to let us know your thoughts on the new release by commenting below this post. So, do you think this is the best track yet from Bebe? Also, are you enjoying the new direction?

Emily Harris