Blackbear brings the summer feel good with his new track ‘I Feel Bad’. The singer who always hits the nail on the head provides the goods here. He follows a similar direction to his previous tracks, but this one comes with even more upbeat rhythm and a beat which will leave you itching to step into your dancing shoes.

The track kicks off with a steady beat which taps away and thumps down the speaker. Cleverly the track also blends a scratching vinyl effect before a sublime vocal from the Florida born musician. The singer sticks to his signature lyricism with him often delving more into a darker space. Cleverly, it makes for quite the paradox with the punchy instrumental increasing the endorphin levels.


What I relish most about Blackbear is his ability to be versatile as a musician. So much so, this track takes him on a new route but yet stays genuine to his contemporary style. Also, I love how he has introduced new sounds into the mix which we do not hear all too often from artists in modern times.

Blackbear has a knack for singing in an agile fashion. He articulates his words quickly, and the words slip off his poetic tongue effortlessly here on ‘I Feel Bad’. The track hits hard, and the singing proves hugely prevalent with many fans resonating quickly with his clear diction. The record grows as it plays and towards the latter, a colossal sound smashes its way through and grips us even firmer in its palm.

Overall, a top-class release from Blackbear, he is growingly massively with each track, and for me, this one could be his best yet.

You can take a listen to ‘I Feel Bad’ by Blackbear below. Also, let us know your thoughts to the new release by commenting on our social media accounts.

Emily Harris