‘Strawberry Lipstick’ is the fresh release from Doncaster born musician YUNGBLUD. Following on from his giant year in 2019, YUNGBLUD is taking no hostages with this new track.

It kicks off boldly, and I would not have expected anything less than exciting from the hit smasher. He has a sound which grips me every time, and this one captivates with its communicable attributes.

Opening with a rock beat and an edgy rhythm, it gets the foot-tapping instantly. Vocally, YUNGBLUD does not disappoint with his signature sound poking out confidently. He is soon in with his anthemic chorus, and it comes with a melody which sticks. Catchy is an understatement with the chorus hook cementing itself deeply.


The track takes us on a new direction with the singer providing plenty of variance within his structure. Also, I relish the eclectic sounds which make the final mix. As it progresses, the music becomes even more colossal with a firm guitar lead making its way into the music towards the latter.

Overall, it is a track which has all the ingredients to be a rock anthem. It comes with a sound which we do not hear all too often in the modern industry, and the new approach from the young singer is awe-inspiring. Is it his best track yet? I would say it is up there and brings a new angle for his forever growing sound. But, his last releases were always going to be hard to come up against, to be honest. Therefore I will need a few more listens for it to stand out as a more profound number, but as a whole, it ticks all the right boxes.

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Emily Harris