Blossoms bring the festive feel-good with their new Christmas release, ‘Christmas Eve (Soul Purpose)’. It is just what we all need right now, it is delightful!

Instantly, we hear the cheer flowing with a lovely guitar melody carrying us towards a top-class rhythm arrangement. Also, we hear the sleighbells popping out of the mix instantly.

Additionally, the bands inner Christmas comes gushing out like never before in the Chorus with a choir backing adding a church sing-along effect. Likewise, as the track progresses, we hear a myriad of new Xmas sounds leaping out. Furthermore, towards the latter, the bells ring out, and even an organ pushes forward with decisive effect. Nevertheless, the excitement does not stop there. Moreover, a piercing guitar lead jumps out with vigour towards the end and it ends in a very traditional Christmas song style with young voices echoing out their message.

This track is also just one of the Christmas releases to come out from the Stockport band. Additionally, the group surprise us with another track called ‘It’s Going To Be A Cold Winter’. For me, this one sounds more Christmasy with a contagious festive melody. Out of the two, I have to say the second track is my favourite, it has a nail-biting rhythm, and the harmonies fill me with spirit. So much so, I want to pick up brandy and a mince pie. Also, it is a little cheesier and I think that is the trick to a potent Christmas hit.

You can take a listen to ‘Christmas Eve (Soul Purpose)’ and ‘It’s Going To Be A Cold Winter’ by Blossoms below. Do you think these tracks will go down in the Christmas songbook? We do. But, we would love to hear your feedback. Therefore, let us know by commenting on our social media accounts.

Emily Harris