• Artist: Cage The Elephant
  • Title: Out Loud
  • Release Type: Single
  • Release: 29/02/24
  • IZILION Rating: ★★★★☆

The latest single, “Out Loud,” by Cage The Elephant is a poignant and heartfelt reflection on grappling with regret and the passage of time. Written in the wake of personal loss, the song delves into themes of redemption and self-discovery. It also tells a narrative of confronting mistakes and striving for reconciliation.


The lyrics paint a vivid picture of emotional turmoil, as the protagonist navigates through feelings of guilt and uncertainty. Against a backdrop of a haunting piano melody, the vocals resonate with raw authenticity. They also carry the weight of introspection and longing. The chorus serves as a powerful confession of imperfection and vulnerability, underscored by the haunting refrain, “Man, I really messed up now.”

Produced with careful attention to detail by John Hill, and written by Matt Shultz and Caitlyn Smith, “Out Loud” reveals the band’s ability to convey profound emotion through their music. The additional production by Jon Yeston, Jonny Bell, and John Mueller, alongside the expertise of mixing engineer Manny Marroquin and mastering engineer Randy Merrill, further enhances the song’s evocative impact.

Released on February 29, 2024, “Out Loud” reflects Cage The Elephant’s growth as artists and their dedication to authenticity. It’s a song that resonates on a deep level. It also invites all to reflect on their own journey of self-discovery and the courage it takes to confront one’s inner demons. With its poignant lyrics and stirring melodies, “Out Loud” is a strong addition to the band’s repertoire. Also, it is destined to leave a lasting impression on all who listen.

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Becky Anderson