Ervin Munir, the singer-songwriter from Norfolk, Ervin Munir, is getting ready to release his new single, “Chase The Moon.” It will be available to watch everywhere on April 26, 2024.

The song “Chase the Moon” is about taking chances and going after your goals even when you’re scared. The words by Ervin show that everyone knows that life is too short to let fear stop you from achieving your goals. With a catchy melody based on folk music and harmonies that are too cute to refuse, the song will hook you from the very first note.

Ervin’s acoustic guitar style sounds refreshed on “Chase The Moon,” which is filled with captivating fervour and decorated with the ethereal tones of Aeron Z Jones’ lap steel and mandolin accompaniments. Their working together gives “Chase the Moon” more depth and texture, boosting and strengthening Ervin’s unique sound, which was first heard on his previous record “Broken Compass.”

Becky Anderson