Rumours have recently started surfacing online that Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes have started dating.

However, is it just a massive PR stunt to increase the pairs popularity and accelerate record sales?


Furthermore the pair have been spotted out and about, hugging, holding hands and generally looking very intimate. However, the images captured of the pair do not look natural and in the majority of photos they almost look like they are acting up to the cameras.

As a result, many fans have been speculating whether the relationship is legit or if it is just a plug for both of their brands.

Shawn Mendes

Moreover, one twitter user asked. “Why are they randomly hugging on the street tho? another said “Sooo I’m guessing we’re all just pretending it’s not PR?”

If the pair are genuinely dating then good luck to them. However if it is just a PR stunt, then surely they could make it less obvious?

From the majority of comments it appears fans are sceptical.

Here Are Some User Comments About Camila And Shawn

“Shawn is planning to release an album soon, camila is planning on releasing her 2nd album soon, and they just released a duet together… I smell PR stunt but ok”.

Also “can’t believe i’ve waited years for camila and shawn to get together only for it to be pr. she’s looking right at the camera like wtf”


However a lot of fans are in full support of Shawn and Camila. One wrote “If they are ACTUALLY dating then I am SO happy for them but if they actually aren’t then I wish PR would back off. I don’t want them to be forced into something that isn’t real.”

What are your thoughts on the pair dating (If the rumours are true)? Do you think it is just a PR stunt with the intent to gain more attention?

Let us know what you think by leaving a comment below.

George Millington