A statue of Ed Sheeran has appeared in Russia and it is HUGE.

This comes after Ed recently spoke about how he can be shy with his fame and suffers anxiety. Furthermore, speaking in an interview, he said. “I get anxiety every day. It creeps up on you. I’ve been working on it for eight years and I closed off from reality. ‘Whether it’s getting rid of your phone or only looking at emails twice a day. Or cutting down my friendship group to the bare minimum just so I can trust everyone.”

Ed Sheeran

This therefore will come as a surprise to the ‘I Dont Care’ singer to see such a huge version of himself on show to thousands of tourists in Moscow’s Gorky Park. Moreover, the statue is now on show in the park to celebrate Ed coming to the city to perform on Friday.

Writing on Twitter one user wrote. “Btw i have a friend in Russia, we’re not really friends, but he sent me russian tea once and greetings from his wife. That’s not what i want to comunicate tho, he saw a 5 meters Ed Sheeran statue built in a park in Moscow. Wow.”

Another said: “Just in case Ed feels lonely in Russia someone made this in the biggest park in Moscow.”

Here is the Ed statue which is on display.

Ed Sheeran

Ed who has chosen to live a private life cannot escape the stardom and we can definitely say that spectators are not going to miss this huge sculpture.

What are your thoughts on this new statue which has suddenly appeared? Are you attending any of Sheeran’s upcoming shows? Also, are you a fan of his most recent album?

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George Millington