Camila Cabello And Shawn Mendes cannot keep their hands off each other since they began dating. Furthermore, the pair have been spotted out and about on numerous occasions getting rather close. Also, it now has emerged that the duo will be making a debut performance together at this years VMA’S to perform their number one hit ‘Señorita’.


This news comes after the star studded couple have received multiple accusations of putting together a huge PR stunt with the intention of selling more records. However, the pair appear to be rejecting these claims. Also Camila has even started to block trolls on social media who question her and Mendes’s relationship. Nevertheless, on the flip side the couple have also not confirmed that they are officially in a relationship. But Cabello did share a post on Instagram on Shawn’s birthday with the caption ‘I Love You’.

Both of the artists are nominated for multiple awards at the ceremony which will take place on Tuesday 27th August at the Prudential Center in New Jersey.

You can listen to the Cabello And Shawn’s track ‘Señorita’ below.


Overall, even if the couples relationship is a PR stunt it is definitely working. As a result, everyone is talking about the pair. Also their single is sitting right at the top spot in the charts.

However, we [GSGM] now do believe that the couple are truly an item and it is not just a huge PR coup. However, we can see how their relationship could look fishy, but we doubt that the pair will be bothered too much.


Are you a fan of the new track by Cabello and Mendes? Will you be tuning in to watch their debut performance at the VMA’s?

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George Millington