…it has not even been released yet! WOW! Taylor just keeps surprising everyone with ‘Lover’.

Furthermore, the new album officially comes out in 3 days but it is already racking up the sales in pre release.

Moreover, here are the tracks already released from Swifties new album.


Fan Feedback

“To be honest… the only bad thing about the song is that the lyric “hey kids! Spelling is fun!”

“My sister, who has tripped on drugs before described this as the closest equivalent to a drug trip she’s ever seen in video from”.

You Need To Calm Down

Fan Feedback

“This song is the best song ever it shows how people are happy when they are them selfs and did you know the word gay means Happy!”

“I am a lesbian and I am proud!!! Also yeah you are right Taylor Swift shade never made nobody less gay!!!”

The Archer

Fan Feedback

“This sounds like something you’d hear at the end of an 80’s movie when the two leads are slow dancing at their prom. Anyone else also get that vibe?”

“Wow… I normally don’t like new songs, but this is good. STRONG with all the 80s feels, even to how she sings the words”.


Fan Feedback

“This sounds like my afternoon slow dancing song at the porch when I’m 70 with my Honey.”

“I’m loving this Lover era and I must say this may be Taylor’s most touching song since Love story. You can tell she’s truly happy and it’s like every new song she release is more beautiful than the last and I’m in awe. I can tell that Lover is gonna be her most diverse album yet. Each song she’s released so far has a totally different sound and vibe, which is amazing and we just covered her songs “Me” and “You Need To Calm Down” on my channel, hope you will watch them. Anyone else also think that Lover is the perfect wedding song?”

Overall, are you a fan of Taylor Swift’s new music? Also are you excited for the new album?

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