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Celine Ellis, the singer-songwriter from Northamptonshire, UK, takes a giant step forward with her new EP, ‘Unravelled,’ which will be released on March 25th on all major streaming platforms.

The fresh delivery talks candidly about life, relationships, and the world around us, and the up-and-coming musician seizes the moment with five folk-rock masterpieces. Immediately, Celine’s technique strikes an impression, revealing that she is not only a gifted songwriter but also an excellent storyteller!

The intriguing ‘Gasoline & Matches’ opens the EP and sets the tone for the entire collection, raising us up with its uplifting cadence, crunchy guitar rhythm, and Celine’s powerful lead vocal. ‘Shadow Of The Moon,’ the EP’s midway point, uncovers Celine’s high-calibre vocal abilities, and she rises to the occasion with fervour, smashing it with her emotions. The final track, ‘Without Me,’ gradually returns us to earth, leaving us yearning to hit replay with its emotion piercing the heartstrings.

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George Millington