Chris Stapleton returns with his new single ‘Starting Over’. Following on from his previous success, the singer delves into a new space with a sound which leaves a long-lasting indent.

‘Starting Over’ kicks off with Chris’ signature country guitar rhythm oozing with confidence. It strums away with a piercing quality which you will struggle to keep at bay with it adding sentiment with its melodic position. Chris then greets us with an infectious vocal performance with him opening up with a rich vocal tone which makes him stand out truly on his own in a unique light.

As the track progresses, we hear new sounds appearing with a gentle female backing vocal becoming present. It adds even more weight to the already full track, and it plucks away with its angelic and mesmerising style. For me, it is the perfect addition, and it adds a new direction to his sound.


What I relish most about this new record is its heartfelt meaning with Chris hitting home with genuine conviction. He sings with his heart on his sleeve. As a result, he proves why he is one of the greatest singers of recent times. Also, it is not just his sturdy vocal which gets the endorphins rising. Chris also proves himself as a strong storyteller with him singing about a topic which I am sure many of us will be able to relate with, especially during these crazy times.

Overall, it is a track which cements itself deep with an emotion which you can almost touch. Also, it is a refreshing direction. Furthermore, it boasts a style which you will struggle to find elsewhere in the modern music industry.

You can take a listen to ‘Starting Over’ by Chris Stapleton below. Also, let us know your thoughts by commenting on our social media accounts. Do you think this is the best single yet from Chris?

Emily Harris