Nothing But Thieves bring the stadium rock quality many, including myself, have been craving. The band are taking giant leaps with each new release, and their new track ‘Unperson’ comes in thunderous fashion with a striking melody.

The new track gets going with a harrowing intro with a space like sound; it is out of this world with a guitar lead which grips instantly. They kick off bold. It makes for the perfect opener, and it is what you would expect from a band of this high calibre.

Vocally, Connor Mason then arrives with a strong performance. Furthermore, he sings in a unique style, and he takes a new direction with him reminding me of ‘Hadouken’, (It brings back memories of my youth) and the nostalgic vibes are well and truly flowing. However, Conor quickly gets back to his signature sound with his high octave vocal echoing around the mix brightly.


The chorus comes with all guns blazing, the drum rhythm thumps hard, and the guitar lead picks up pace and Connor drives home with an infectous vocal hook. His melody is captivating, and it leaves us itching for more with him giving his all with every word articulating well.

Cleverley, the track does not follow an orthodox structure. As a result, it keeps growing. Also, it regularly switches with new sounds popping to the forefront of the mix and the pace changes frequently. As it comes to the closing section, the sound becomes colossal with it knocking us for six.

Overall, it is a full release from Nothing But Thieves and it proves the group’s versatility as musicians. It sounds different to their previous tracks but yet fuses nostalgic hooks which are refreshing.

You can check out ‘Unperson’ by Nothing But Thieves below. Also, be sure to let us know your thoughts to the new track by commenting on our social media accounts.

Emily Harris