Circa Waves, where do we start with these chaps? They keep on getting better and better. Whenever I hear one of their new releases, I get blown away.

So here I am. Sat at home in some groundhog day daze with ‘So Sad’ blasting out my ghetto blaster. Eyes closed and I could be at a summer festival. It has a real summer vibe to it, and I imagine it would sound incredible at Glastonbury. The track is a follow on from their growing and unique sound. As a result, it is hard to think of a better indie rock band from Merseyside at the moment.


The sound on this one has taken a new direction with the use of synth being more of a focal point. However, we still hear plenty of that signature Circa Wave guitar tone, which so many of us adore. Is it one of the best tracks from the lads? Well, it is easily up there. But then again I like all of their records and ‘T-shirt weather’ will also be a personal favourite for me.

‘Sad Happy’ is one of those happy tracks which has a sad underlying theme. Therefore, the title is entirely in line with its message. It also has a dancy get up, and groove vibe and I doubt it will take much to get a lot of people on the dancefloor once this tiresome lockdown comes to an end.

Overall, it is a quality track from the Circa Wave lads, they are not short of a few bangers, and that is what we like to hear. Keep them coming though, yeah?

So what are your thoughts to ‘Sad Happy’ from Circa Waves? Have your say by leaving a comment below. We would love to hear your opinion on this track.

George Millington