Marsicans are a band which I have heard many people talking about from time to time. But, I have not heard much of them myself. Therefore, this review of ‘Sunday’ is as pure as they come with a completely fresh pair of ears.

I am very fond of indie rock music. I love the sound they are boasting. But they sound slightly generic to a lot of other indie bands I have heard too. As a result, I could not find a great deal of originality with this release (That is not to say I do not like it, because it is a hit). However, I am still yet to listen to their other tracks. Therefore, I am unsure of whether their other tracks sound similar or not.


The verses are the highlight for me, and the chorus strangely sounds quieter and less potent in the vocal delivery. I am unsure of the motive behind that because the chorus should be the most significant part of the track, in my opinion. Therefore, it would make more sense to have that as the hook with the most potent vocal present.

The more times I listened to ‘Sunday’ the more it grew on me. As a result, after a few plays, it really stuck to me like a clingy salesman. Therefore, I am not shocked to see the band receiving a lot of hype. I can see why they attract fans. They have a crisp sound and they seem like really great lads too. Also, Leeds bands always do pretty well therefore I am sure they are going to rise the ranks even more over the next coming months.

What are your thoughts to Marsicans? Do they live up to the current hype? Also maybe you are from Leeds and can shed some light on the current music scene up there? Have your say by leaving a comment.

Emily Harris