Cold War Kids are back with their new single ‘You Already Know’. The track which even the lead singer admits is chaotic at times provides plenty for existing fans as well as enticing new avid hungry listeners to their anthemic qualities.

I have been listening to Cold War Kids for many years now. Moreover, I first got into the Californian Indie group back when they released ‘Hang Me Up To Dry’ in 2006. Since then, I have not delved too deep into their new stuff.


For me, this track is entirely different from what I have heard previously. The only similarity to the early sound is the vocals. Furthermore, the music is in a separate space entirely. Unlike, their previous tracks which had a more profound rock element, this one has a more dancy feel to it, and it has an upbeat rhythm which will leave you tapping your foot in no time.

It gets underway with a synth lead and a wacky wah guitar rhythm. Also, we hear a beat which sounds like someone bashing bean tins. Put it this way, it is an intro I have not heard before, and I doubt you will find anything similar elsewhere.

Singer, Nathan Willet then unleashes one heck of a vocal performance with a kind of Brandon Flowers vibe poking out. He sings with pure confidence, and it is hard not to relish his infectious delivery. Once, we are into the chorus, we realise that anything goes on this track, sounds are popping all over the place, and although it is a little messy, it sounds revitalising.

You can check out the bands new single below. Also, what are your thoughts on the new track? Please have your say by letting us know on our social media accounts. We love to hear from you.

Emily Harris