Maisie Peters has taken giant leaps in the last few years. As a result, it is hard to believe that she is still only 20 years old. The singer first rose to stardom back in 2017 when her track ‘Place We Were Made’ went viral. But, it feels like she has been around for way longer.

Cleverly, the singer keeps developing her sound. She gets better with each track I hear, and the latest track ‘Sad Girl Summer’ is one of the most refreshing pop tracks to come out of New Music Friday in recent times. She sings with a contemporary style but yet keeps to her unique folky style.

Here, we listen to Maisie charming her through our speakers. The track boasts an upbeat rhythm which will get you tapping along in no time. Also, her vocal performance is flying high with her hitting the sweet spot regularly with her top-class quality.

Modern Pop

Influenced by modern pop, the singer finds influence from the likes of Swifty and Lily Allen. Still, here I hear plenty of similarities to Anne Marie, especially within the chorus sections. Nevertheless, it is not a replica of anything else I have listened to before, and Maisie brings a unique sound to the table. Also, her approach to music cannot be faulted one bit with her providing plenty with each track she drops.

So, if you are sick of the doom and gloom of the world, then this one is for you. Maisie brings the feel-good, and her happy new track will get your endorphins rising just in time for the weekend. You can listen to ‘Sad Girl Summer’ by Maisie Peters below. Also, let us know your thoughts to her new release by commenting on our social media accounts. As always, we love to hear from you.

Emily Harris