Complex is a singer-songwriter and rapper hailing from Hereford in England. His latest release ‘Where We Came From’ is testament to his unforgivable talent and also proves how much quality the U.K. Hip Hop scene has to offer.

His lyrical prowess speaks volumes with heartfelt melodies and emotive hooks being a focal point of the release. Complex resonates profoundly with the masses on this track. He speaks with genuine poignancy, and his ability to take a subject which is difficult to talk about and blend it with an upbeat and an energetic rhythm is refreshing to witness.

Complex has found influence in some of the worlds biggest Hip Hop names like Eminem and Dr Dre. Still, he has crafted a sound unique to himself, and each bar he delivers is full of distinctive flavour. So, looking for the finest and freshest Hip Hop? Look no further than ‘Where We Came From’ by Complex.

George Millington