Craig Wicker, the Essex based singer-songwriter, has just released his latest single ‘Forever Is The Angels Love’.   The track is a peaceful, authentic folk-based song taken from his debut album. It expresses how rough periods in life can see you beyond to another phase.  Ultimately, you can find strength through experience.

Craig has recently released the album, The Sun Will Shine Again. The album is the sum total what he has experienced in his life and he finds a place for his story through his music. Craig’s sound anchors folk but also adds rockier vibes in some tracks. The overall ardent nature of his sound, Craig quantifies as such; “I like to be forced to thing about the meaning of a song, in the same way Salvador Dalit makes me think to understand his painting.” That is precisely what Craig divines with his music.  He creates art through sound. Craig generates something to be considered and gauged while being moved by his spirited approach to his creations.


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Craig Wicker and his new single

The single, ‘Forever is the Angels Love’, is a song that comes from a distinct loss that Craig endured. However, his move beyond that grief inspired the song and gives breath to the lyrics.  Those lyrics knit the track together remarkably. The alluring imagery and stunning lyricism cast a broad, luminous light on the song.  Craig makes it something of beauty, borne out of a time of sadness. That is the message of the song, experiences as such will create a strength you never you knew you had and what a thing of marvel that can be.

The musicianship is equally something staggering. The dreamy quality of the organ, the delicate nature of the fingerpicked guitar, all joined by the melodic nature of the vocals make this a song to be adored.

If you find a place in the singer-songwriter and folk genre, then Craig Wicker is the artist for you and one you should know now.


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George Millington